URBAN eBYKES is Authorised Distributor and Partner company representing the leading brands in eBicycle industry in India:

URBAN eBYKES (a subsidiary of GTS Exports (P) Ltd. – part of GTS Group), has been serving market since 1966. GTS is known to offer high quality Architectural solutions in Indian market. Having made its presence felt with successful establishment of its name with various products, GTS decided to spread its wings to take off to newer heights and widen its product horizon. GTS has always held a view to introduce world class technologies & high class products, and has backed the products with high standards of services. With such approach, GTS has now tied up with SK ECycles, the owner company of Being Human ECycles and launched these in North Indian market in 2015. Thereafter GTS also added other brands – SVITCH & HERO LECTRO to its fold.

Although historically, the first set of electric ECycles electric ECycles was launched in US in late 1890's. But now for past several years, EBikes have been gaining popularity and are being accepted widely in Europe, Americas and China as an alternative eco-friendly healthy means of transport. URBAN eBYKES is proud to be marketing world class eBicycles Made In India, which not only provide excellent commuting alternative for short distance mobility solution, it stands for healthy lifestyle and environment friendly solutions as alternative to carbon-emitting motor vehicles.