We are a young, unrelenting team that’s trying to change the old ways of doing things ever since the wheel was invented and pedals were added to those wheels. We are trying to challenge the status quo and look at the technology of the future to run the wheel with the pedal… we promote eBiking – the cycles with pedals added with motor & battery to give you thrill, speed and help you reach your destination faster with our electric cycle in Delhi.

At URBAN eBYKES, we promote the use of Electric cycle and Battery bike in Delhi to revolutionise mobility and short-distance commuting and wish that in India, everyone gets a chance at a healthier and greener life. Our aim is to bring more products like being human e cycle, electric bikes, Svitch xe bldc electric bicycle, battery bike, foldable electric bike, and other e bike options that suit your needs and match your style. We support the revolution in the personal transportation industry by selling e bicycles which are fun, environment-friendly and the ideal way to stay fit and happy. We bring brands which are equipped with cool features, come in stunning designs, and we want our electric cycle in Delhi to transform your lives.

Electric bike in Delhi, or e-bikes, as they are popularly known, are the new-age, promising alternative form of urban mode of transport. They offer all the benefits of a regular bicycle while doing away with a bicycle’s main disadvantage - lack of power. You can pedal our Electric Bike in Delhi like a regular cycle, AND also use the power from the motor just to help you out when going uphill or against headwinds, or at times - just use the motor to make riding easier and faster. The key components for these Electric bicycles in Delhi are essentially a battery, a motor and a motor controller (throttle) to control or adjust the power. The intention of Battery Bike in Delhi is to truly affect positive change effects of motor vehicles on the Environment on a large scale basis by making you get out of your car, enjoy the fresh air and reap the benefits of physical exercise while you attend to all the running around of your daily life. Think of all the trips to the grocery store, the hardware shop, the vegetable vendor… or even your daily commute to work.

To the bikers & the absolute newcomers, the e bicycles represent an exciting adventure that expands horizons, both individually and as a group. For those who love their bikes, these represent a new form of sporting enjoyment, and for those pursuing a modern and open-minded lifestyle both professionally & personally, the e bike in Delhi represents the perfect means of transport.

Be prepared, for the revolution has just started. We have a long journey ahead.

Let’s pedal an electric cycle in Delhi…. No more excuses!